On Second Chances – A Review of Erin Sterling’s The Ex Hex

I’m a sucker for Romance novels. Add a talking cat? Count me in! Although if I had a cat that constantly greeted me with “Treeeeeeeeeeeaaaaatttsss?” I think I’d go crazy. Because between my boyfriend and I, we have 4 cats. Imagine if all of them talked? I’d never hear the end of it haha.

Nine years ago, Vivienne Jones and Rhys Penhallow (both witches) met in college and had what seemed to be a summer fling – although when Rhys left Vivi, she was left in shambles. She had learned that he had been betrothed to someone else. Imagine, the nerve of this guy! The solution? Vivi and her cousin decided to put a curse on Rhys jokingly, in an attempt to mend her broken heart.

Never mix vodka and witchcraft.”

Except maybe she did … and maybe the curse turned out just a little more powerful than she thought. Nine years later – present day – Rhys returns to Graves Glen and everything that could go wrong, goes wrong. As Vivi and Rhys work together to break said curse, they start to feel the same feelings of attraction towards each other as when they had first met. The curse was eventually lifted after bouts of magic and well, they live happily ever after.

I had such mixed feelings about this book. For a good majority of the book, the story fell kind of … flat. When they first went back to the college to research on how to break spells or reverse the curse – Vivi teaches there now btw – they have a steamy hot kissing sesh which didn’t align with how Vivi was feeling towards Rhys at the time. However, the spells she was casting made the book pretty cool though. We don’t see too much from Rhys, but the pictures the author paints of Vivi doing her magic were very vivid and made the book that much more interesting to read. I guess you can tie this with a feel good, rom-com ish book. If that’s what you’re into – then you’ll really enjoy this one. 3.5-4 stars for me because, as much as it fell flat, these kinds of books are a guilty pleasure of mine for sure. Just not quite 5 star material for me. And, I believe this is the first book in a series so a second one will follow. Hoping to see more of Rhys.

If you end up reading this book, or have read it – I’d love to know your thoughts on the book 🙂


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